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Renaissance Sri Lanka is a French non-profit humanitarian organization. Renaissance Sri Lanka has designed and launched an innovative digital networking solution for start-ups, SMEs and investors, to facilitate business relations in Sri Lanka. This innovative networking solution is called Kumbuk.  See how it works and how it facilitates BPM outsourcing to Sri Lanka. Information and…

Kumbuk helps Accelerators help growing startups

Accelerators are essential in helping innovative startups launch into space to reach the stars. Innovative startups contribute to the competitivity and the economic growth of a country. The expertise, the capital investment and support provided by Accelerators, are improved by adding Kumbuk in the weaponry.

Kumbuk for Business
How to use Kumbuk for Business in Sri Lanka

Kumbuk is an international online networking tool focused on Sri Lanka. You wish to expand your Business, outsource to Sri Lanka, or invest wisely? Become a donor to get access to Kumbuk. Then, choose a virtual meeting from the list that is regularly emailed to you, choose a meeting that has a specific business topic…