Careers · Renaissance Sri Lanka


We need staff to keep the foundations of the organization steady and to make it operate smoothly.

Finance & Administration

Head of Finance and Administration

This job can only take place in France as it involves managing the administrative life of the organization and managing the finances according to the rules and regulations in France. Renaissance Sri Lanka is a non-profit organization registered in France under law 1901. The role will also involve finding financing for the organization.

Program Management

Program Manager

Manage the coordinated projects and missions of the organization in collaboration with the operating teams. Identify new partners to collaborate with. Define project planning and partnership agreements. Produce activity reports.

Marketing & Communication

Content Manager

Define the contents in the fields of culture, entertainment, ethical information and business and coordinate all the teams to make it happen.

Manager of Services for the Donors

Help Donors to launch their initiatives. Provide information, answer their questions, collect their ideas. Design new services for the Donors and make them happen.

Community Manager

Help us moderate our presence on social media, publish content, animate and make our Donors and followers happy.

Marketing Campaign Manager

Help us design and execute a given marketing campaign.

Investor Relationship Manager

Help us reach foreign investors who would be interested to join our network.

Donor Relationship Manager

Help us reach new Donors.

Event Organizer

Help us organize events that would celebrate our and our Donors’ victories.