Who We Are · Renaissance Sri Lanka


We are Sri Lanka enthusiasts who nurture Sri Lanka to make it stronger

Renaissance Sri Lanka is a humanitarian organization that has been founded by Sri Lankans and Sri Lanka enthusiasts, early 2021.

We valorize Sri Lanka’s heritage and current successes.

Donors donate with pride, to support our missions to elevate the country and to facilitate economic opportunities.

Our Mission

Renaissance Sri Lanka is a non-governmental, apolitical, non-denominational, non-profit, humanitarian organization that wishes to support the Sri Lankan population and impulse ethical change in Sri Lanka, in order to improve the overall livelihood and happiness of the population, in harmony with the identity, culture and values of its Society.

Our Vision

Empower Sri Lanka to meet the greatest challenges of the future: Climate Change, Environment Degradation, Technological Revolutions, Society’s transformations and adapting to changing world dynamics.

Photo © Matt Noble


Renaissance Sri Lanka is a French non-profit organization, registered in France, on 31st December 2020, under the “Association loi 1901”.

Photo ©Bill Oxford