In the heart of Mannar district in Sri Lanka lies the village of Pusarikulam, where Renaissance Sri Lanka (RSL) and its partner MONLAR ( have taken a significant step towards transforming the lives of local children through education. The journey commenced with the distribution of chess boards to the eager young minds of Pusarikulam, marking the beginning of a remarkable initiative.

The commencement of educational activities was led by dedicated volunteers who took on the responsibility of teaching the young students the rules and strategies of chess. As the pawns moved across the board, the children’s cognitive abilities advanced, as they contemplated each move and its strategic implications.

The youngsters started to learn how to play chess during their free time.© Renaissance Sri Lanka and MONLAR

The success of this inaugural event is attributed to the unwavering support of two great infividual donors from France, committed to the project. Understanding that education has the potential to transform not only individual lives but entire communities, the chessboards distributed and the lessons taught go beyond the confines of the game. They symbolize a beacon of hope for a brighter future for the children involved.

The project in Sri Lanka goes beyond teaching chess; it is about nurturing the latent potential within each child, fostering a love for learning, and empowering them with the tools to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams. The progress seen in Pusarikulam is not just a move in a chess game; it represents a significant stride towards a more enlightened and empowered community.

The enthusiasm and engagement of the young minds in Pusarikulam showcase the profound impact that education, approached with dedication and passion, can have on a community. The lessons derived from chess extend beyond the board, influencing the lives of these children and shaping them into critical thinkers and strategic planners.

Reflecting on the achievements of this step in this journey emphasizes the power of education, community, and generosity. The transformative potential of providing learning tools, such as chessboards, is evident in the positive changes observed in these young minds. The promising journey ahead is filled with anticipation, and there is eagerness to share more milestones and successes as this remarkable initiative unfolds.

The chessboards distributed in Pusarikulam transcend being mere pieces on a board; they represent instruments of change, symbols of empowerment, and catalysts for a brighter future. The journey has commenced, and its impact resonates through the minds and hearts of the children in Pusarikulam, paving a promising path towards a better tomorrow.