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Renaissance Sri Lanka Launch WebinarEvents

Renaissance Sri Lanka Launch Webinar

This live webinar will explore the key business benefits of using our networking tool “Kumbuk” and helping to pave the way to empower Sri Lanka.​

​The benefits of attending this live webinar are:​

  • ​Learn about the mission and goals of our non-profit organization​
  • Discover “Kumbuk” our unique innovative networking tool​
  • Understand how to make the difference in social, environmental and economic ecosytems​
  • A live Q&A with our speakers​

Join us to the Virtual launch of Renaissance Sri Lanka on Thursday the 10th June 2021 at 6pm IST (GMT+5:30)​

8:00 AM USA CDT, 1:30 PM UK BST, 2:30 PM FR CEST, 08:30 PM Singapore, 10:00 PM Australia ACT​ ​


Renaissance Sri Lanka Launch Webinar
Renaissance Sri Lanka Launch Webinar





  1. Goals and Mission of Renaissance Sri Lanka​
  2. Kumbuk, our donors’ networking tool for business and people​
  3. Meet Stephanie: why she believes in us​
  4. Meet Sepali: the work ahead​
  5. Meet Kalinga: Sri Lanka is a Tech Innovation Hub ​
  6. Meet Kaushalya: nurture Art & Culture​
  7. Questions & Answers​
  8. Conclusion



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