Join us to the Virtual launch of Renaissance Sri Lanka on the 15th October 2021 at 6pm IST (GMT+5:30)​

8:00 AM USA CDT, 1:30 PM UK BST, 2:30 PM FR CEST, 08:30 PM Singapore, 10:00 PM Australia ACT​ ​

This live webinar will explore the key business benefits of using our networking tool “Kumbuk” and helping to pave the way to empower Sri Lanka.​

​The benefits of attending this live webinar are:​

  • ​Learn about the mission and goals of our non-profit organization​
  • Discover “Kumbuk” our unique innovative networking tool​
  • Understand how to make the difference in social, environmental and economic ecosystems​
  • A live Q&A with our speakers



  1. Goals and Mission of Renaissance Sri Lanka​
  2. Kumbuk, our donors’ networking tool for business and people​
  3. Meet Stephanie: why she believes in us​
  4. Meet Sepali: the work ahead​
  5. Meet Kalinga: Sri Lanka is a Tech Innovation Hub ​
  6. Meet Kaushalya: nurture Art & Culture​
  7. Questions & Answers​
  8. Conclusion



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    © Sepali Kottegoda – Photo UN Women/Ryan Brown