Recent studies show that nearly 80% of new startups start with personal funds and the others usually rely on a loan from the bank or family and friends. It is therefore essential that these funds are used in the best possible way. When it comes to spending for IT product development or business processes that can be executed remotely, Kumbuk helps!

The same IT product developed in Sri Lanka can save from 40% to 75% compared to the USA or the EU.

Why not rely on Sri Lankan providers to help develop your MVP, and take it the next level?

You get more leverage to continue bootstrapping or convince investors to help you grow all the way from the Seed round to Series H.

Everything from a Website, Mobile App, Gaming, to anything using Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, IoT, IoB, Edge computing, augmented reality, is possible, from the simple to the most complex and innovative, delivered on the cloud or on premise.

You may outsource accounting, marketing, HR to save further and give yourself the boost you need.

Don’t wait! Contribute monthly and access Kumbuk to network and find your ideal Sri Lankan IT and BPM Provider.


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