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How to use Kumbuk for business: Renaissance Sri Lanka President explains

With Kumbuk, find your ideal him or her for doing business in Sri Lanka! What is Kumbuk? It’s a digital innovation that allows SMEs and startups to easily outsource to Sri Lanka, and much more. Here are the explanations of Renaissance Sri Lanka President.

Kumbuk is an innovative digital networking solution for startups, SMEs and investors to facilitate business relationships in Sri Lanka

Its’ all explained in this video:

Kumbuk is an innovative digital solution from Renaissance Sri Lanka (, which enables its donors, startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and investors, to accelerate business connections in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a uniquely beautiful country, famous as a tourist destination. Its literacy rate is close to 100% and almost all of its workforce who have graduated from college, speak English at a professional level. Sri Lanka offers a new haven of investment and economic development. Without the covid-19 pandemic, Sri Lanka would probably have achieved double-digit economic growth.

Sri Lanka’s workforce is innovative and highly skilled. Its Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector is booming as is the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) sectors in general.

An IT offshoring destination with similar costs as India, Sri Lanka

In addition, direct costs (human resources, utilities, office space, etc) are at similar levels to India and the infrastructure is very good. The Sri Lankan labor force has a strong reputation for reliability, friendliness, and dynamism, with little cultural divide with western cultures.

How startups and SMEs can easily gain competitive advantages by offshoring to Sri Lanka

Offshoring Information Technology (IT) services or BPO is difficult for small businesses and startups in an industry dominated by large businesses. Yet, it is crucial for small companies to outsource and gain a competitive advantage quickly. Why should an MVP or an innovative software be developed at a premium? That’s where Kumbuk comes in.

To use Kumbuk, one must donate monthly to Renaissance Sri Lanka. Then, donors receive regular emails inviting them to online networking meetings. The “Offshore IT Product Development in Sri Lanka” event brings together representatives of startups and small companies with Sri Lankan IT Companies that develop IT products and software for international clients.

During these online meetings, all attendees can network, find a customer, or a partner to outsource their product development. There is no need to buy expensive plane tickets and hotel rooms and attend trade shows to make contacts. All one must do is to make a small monthly donation to Renaissance Sri Lanka. Furthermore, the networking events are held weekly, all year long.

“We organize other types of networking meetings. Some are about IT services offshoring, others are BPO offshoring, or Investment in Sri Lankan Startups. More will come in the coming months.” added Ashinsa.

Why Kumbuk was born: for sustainable economic development in Sri Lanka, of course!

Ashinsa Bopearachchi Cavalié, Renaissance Sri Lanka’s president, is a Program Director in the IT field. She has extensive experience working with offshore teams. Sri Lankan born, now living in France, she wanted to find a way to help her home country develop.

“We consider knowledge-based industries as the best in terms of salaries and working conditions for Sri Lanka. At Renaissance Sri Lanka, we wish to facilitate their development. That is why I designed Kumbuk.” said Ashinsa.

The upcoming free Renaissance Sri Lanka event will be held on Thursday, July 8, 2021 (

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To access to future Kumbuk events, choose the donation option corresponding to the number of networking events you wish to attend every month.

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